Wednesday, January 29, 2014 is mine!

This is the launch of my new custom domain name! It literally only cost a few bucks to get it and maybe it'll prompt me to blog more often and direct people to it since it's much easier to remember. It kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it - Cambodian Mom dot com. Nothing else changes on my blog until I update it; I just wanted a simpler name. This is about the 2-year anniversary of my online life, and I haven't written regularly at all so far, though I always mean we'll see where this new chapter leads.

Just as an update, my husband and I are great, our kids are growing rapidly, and this year is going to spell lots of changes for us work and home-wise (no, this is not a baby announcement). Excited for the change!

My goals for 2014:
» Build up my website in the following areas: kids, recipes, craft tutorials/project showcase, weddings, resources and product recommendations (amazon associate links)
» Publish or self-publish a creative writing story or how-to article
» Put my kids into school/daycare
» Volunteer at a non-profit legal services or community organization
» Write a business plan
» Use my new sewing machine to upcycle (repurpose, refashion, remake) clothes and make more wearable clothes, aprons, tote bags, and other crafty projects
» Make more jewelry
» Make scrapbook albums (long overdue: Year of Disney, Cambodia Trip, Jake's Baby Album)

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  1. Keep bloggin' and hope you can meet these goals this year! Lovely cards - you are very talented!


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