Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Poems

I can't believe I let my 2 month anniversary of starting this blog just pass me by! I've been busy writing hubs (online articles) and I guess I have been neglecting this blog. Also, the weather has been beautiful and I enjoy spending time outdoors with my kids during the day. To celebrate spring, I thought I'd share some poems with you. They're nothing fancy, just a few stanzas that have been bouncing around my head the past month...
Sweep winter blues out the door
Dust the scraggly cobwebs away
Clean out your closets and drawers
Spring clean, organize, and donate

Sunshine and warm weather all around
Spring blossoms and flowers bloom
Chase the winter chills away
Get rid of the gray and gloom


"Spring ahead" for Daylight Saving Time
Wear green on St. Patrick's Day
Easter bunnies are hopping
It's time to come out and play

Spring showers may at first seem sad
But instead, your heart should feel glad
Because rain today means plants tomorrow
Plenty of green grass and flowers ahead  

 Wear bright colors, not black and gray
There's plenty of sunshine and fresh air
Break out the shorts and flip flops today
Warm weather style from toes to hair


White and gray bunnies
Are so cute and funny
They bounce around and run
When the weather is sunny

I miss my little bun
She was so soft and sweet
Bunbun was one of a kind
A happier bun you'll never meet

April 2009: She was my first real pet, my friend; RIP Bunbun

It's time for spring,
Put a spring in your step
Dance a spring fling 

Get out and bop
Along to the beat
Hop hop hop
And stomp your feet

Music is in the air
Love is in your heart
Dance to feed your soul
Sing to show it out loud



  1. Aww.. I'm sorry you lost your bunny :( I wish that I was as excited as you for the Spring.. but in Texas that means wretched hot weather is just right around the corner. These Texas Summers are brutal. Anyway, hope all is good with you.. see you soon on HP hopefully :)

    1. Hehe...the weather/climate here in Southern California = just one of the many reasons I love it here. However, the traffic drives us all crazy! "The grass is always greener...."
      About my bunny...she died suddenly due to complications from having a uterine mass. My fault for not spaying her (and an ignorant vet's fault for advising me not to)...spread the word to spay/neuter your bunnies!


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