Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Memories

It's been awhile since my last confession, I mean diary post. I definitely want to dedicate this post to my boys. Sometimes I think...why write about them when it would only be interesting to me, their when Jake mastered the alphabet (repeating back each letter after I say it, not by himself), or when Logan tummy-timed for 20 minutes without crying. But I realized that those types of things are exactly what I should be documenting, be it by pictures and video or writing and posting online.

January 2012: Staring contest and Logan's extended tummy time with big brother Jake

I don't even have a chart of Jake's first milestones. I wrote every day when I was pregnant with him and took dozens of pictures daily and I'm sure his big moments are captured on film. But I still should go through the pics and note when he did what. And I definitely should for Logan while he's still a baby. With all my scrapbooking materials and album pages (some of which were designed by my friends at my baby shower, below), I have no excuse. I should just write his milestones on one page and then make them pretty sometime later after I print some photos.

Scrapbook layouts that I have yet to fill with photos....soon I keep saying!

So to get a start on preserving these moments, which may amuse or even embarrass them as they get older....

Worst moments this week:
Being sick along with Logan. We caught whatever cold bug Jake had two weekends ago, so we spent all last weekend sick and this week just stuffy and runny nosed. And Jake had caught it from his Dad who must have brought home a bug from work (three weekends ago). Yay...the cycle of (a virus's) life. We finally got a new humidifier (our old one leaks) and this one can put menthol/eucalyptus vapor pads in it, so we get that nice Vick's "I smell like a sick person" scent. worked.

Search for Vick's humidifiers on Amazon

I get a new favorite moment of all time every morning when we wake up together.

Favorite moments this week:
Even though we were sick, we bundled up and went to Soup Plantation (soup and salad buffet) on Sunday for breakfast. Their french toast was actually pretty tasty, as were their cinnamon sugar donut muffins! And of course I wanted soup. We cut down on any possible contamination (me infecting other customers) by lots of Purell, and Allen fetching me food while I sat with the boys in our corner booth. When Allen was coming back one time, a song came on - "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. And of course Jake started dancing, while standing up in the booth. He loves that song! And I have to admit - I love it too. It's such a catchy dance beat and the fact that without fail, Jake will dance to it anytime, anywhere, just makes it all the better. It was released 2011, but, as evidenced by its feature in this year's Super Bowl half-time, numerous commercials, tv shows, and on the radio, it seems to be very popular still. That's good - that means more head bopping, booty shaking and elbow wiggling by my funny toddler (and his silly parents). And plus, we have that song on our "Just Dance 3" video game for Xbox Kinect (where we don't have to hold any controllers) and that's always fun for a family game night/dance party anytime, like last night.

Here are some coupons and some handy links to the games and song I'm talking about:

Buy "Party Rock Anthem" for $0.99
Party Rock Anthem

Also available for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3
Just Dance 3


  1. Aww.. both your little boys are cuties! You must be so proud :)

    1. Thanks Jamie, I am! And thanks for checking out my blogs.


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